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a captured moment

bright winter moon photo, by me
inspired winter moon quilt created by twila blume

i took this picture last winter, under a starry sky, while at a bonfire and sledding party in the dark, hilly woods. there were lots of children and peels of laughter in the night, toasted marshmallows and burnt hotdogs on sticks, runny noses and icy cold toes, happy faces lit by flames and glowsticks, and many shared stories and smiles. it was a shiny moment during a long winter, and the memories still warm me today.

twila recently found the photo on an old blog post and was inspired to weave her own magic from the moment i captured...isn't her quilt amazing? i love how art is always centered in emotion, both expressive and evocative. it is most often why we create, to release something from our souls through our hands and out into the world. what a beautiful way to connect.