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me right now

i am... 23 weeks pregnant and starting to feel big (which has been a big part of the reason for my winter hibernation ~ surprise! :) * still recovering from a nasty cold that has been keeping me awake at night * thinking a lot about the next phase of the wishstudio and getting really excited * feeling the baby kick as i type this * soaking up as much inspiration as i can from blogs, books, and creative friends like you * imagining myself as a mother of two * so looking forward to the warm weather and the promise of spring * grateful to see the ocean every day * loving the quote "your life is your practice" * wanting to make time for all the good things * finding the direction of my creative path * going to prenatal yoga every week and meeting other yoga mamas * holding on to hope * purging, reorganizing and starting to nest * taking more pictures again, which help me to live in the moment * amazed at how my son has grown and will soon be on to first grade * trying to think of names for this little one to be (suggestions welcome!)... what are you up to these days?