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back in the wishstudio

So much to share... come join us !

there's no place like home

back from sunny florida, and we seemed to have brought the warm weather with us... yay! there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a bit of time away. i have a thing about this actually... i have to always leave the house with clean sheets on all the beds. this drives my husband a little crazy i think, when i scramble around at the last minute to wash and remake all the beds only to leave them empty for some nights. there's just something about slipping into my own freshly made bed after sleeping on someone elses spare or pull-out that makes me so happy and content :) it makes re-entry into life back at home a little more comforting. what are your homecoming rituals? i also loved coming home this weekend to put my feet in our own warm beach sand, see a baby lamb be born, plant the seeds for our vegetable garden, go to a lovely coctail party, spend the day with my parents, have some quiet time in the studio creating, and to watch both my boys in their little league debut a

making memories

i am living in the moment right now, enjoying time away form the chilly northeast and watching my little boy soak in the florida sun as well as precious time with loving family. we are here celebrating my husband's 40th birthday (planned a little early because of baby to come), so this is really his special time. this trip was a complete surprise to him, and i can't believe we were able to pull it off - so fun! it's something that has been in the works for months, but he just found out the week before. i love surprises! they are as fun to give as they are to receive...the planning, the anticipation, and especially the moment of the big reveal. magical! the stuff that makes lasting memories. so we're here, making more of those memories...

cute as a button

i have been on the hunt for some vintage buttons for a baby project i have in mind. who knew that they would be so tricky to find? seems everywhere i go, they have been recently cleaned out of them. today i was lucky enough to find these adorable button cards. i so love the little hot pink retangular ones. my son said they look like pez! not sure they will fit in to my current project, but i just couldn't pass them up. they'll be stashed away in my collection. the little ceramic button container used to be my nana's, and i remember loving to look in there as a kid. she had so many buttons in all shapes and sizes and colors, and i can remember going to the craft store with her to pick out the perfect buttons for whatever sweater she might have been knitting at the time. i loved those trips. i know many of my creative genes comes from her...happy crafty memories. i love that these remind me of her.

juicy goodness

morning sunshine, big surprises, a trip to florida in 4 days, candy scented glitter pens, easter colors, hand painted cards, turquoise and red, vintage buttons, baby book inspirations, bead shopping, new flip flops, laughter, hot pink toenails, reading new blogs, making birthday cards, trips to the farmers market, sweet strawberries, new studio ideas, creative friends, tiny heartbeats, browsing at the bookstore, packing suitcases, blowing bubbles, fresh markers, alone time, summer plans, eating brunch, stripy socks, invitations, mommy playdates, seeds to plant. what's good and juicy in your world? go on and share...

a little motherhood truth

i've been thinking a lot about motherhood lately. i guess pregnancy will do that to you. after catching this oprah (if you're a mom, check it out - and by the way a couple of our favorite mom bloggers were on as guests), i wanted to share a little of my own mommy truth. while i wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world, motherhood is really hard. it's harder than i ever imagined it would be. it's not just the nuances of my own motherhood, which do pose their own unique set of challenges, but it's the universal struggles i think we all face as moms...the sacrifice, the little pieces of ourselves that we have to give up in order to become "mom", the constant need of our care and time and attention, always wondering if we are making the right choices for our children, and the tremendous emotional rollercoaster that is the day-in and day-out of desperately loving a little human being (like this mom recently shared). it's exhausting. for

sparkle and shine

everything around me is growing and expanding... not just my big round belly :) it's the hallmark of spring and a prelude of things to come. i am very busy in my head lately, thinking, dreaming, planning, imagining, and as the weather begins to warm i am slowly blooming into action. there is much to do and inspiration and opportunities are all around me. each day i am sifting through all there is... in my motherhood, in my creativity, and in the infinate possibilities of living a life overflowing at the brim. i feel open to whatever there is to come, and i am trying not to push things too hard in one direction or another. for now i am enjoying the sparkle and shine of what each new day brings.