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a little motherhood truth

i've been thinking a lot about motherhood lately. i guess pregnancy will do that to you. after catching this oprah (if you're a mom, check it out - and by the way a couple of our favorite mom bloggers were on as guests), i wanted to share a little of my own mommy truth.

while i wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world, motherhood is really hard. it's harder than i ever imagined it would be. it's not just the nuances of my own motherhood, which do pose their own unique set of challenges, but it's the universal struggles i think we all face as moms...the sacrifice, the little pieces of ourselves that we have to give up in order to become "mom", the constant need of our care and time and attention, always wondering if we are making the right choices for our children, and the tremendous emotional rollercoaster that is the day-in and day-out of desperately loving a little human being (like this mom recently shared). it's exhausting.

for me, motherhood has been a very isolating experience. part of it is being a stay at home mom and dedicating the majority of my time to my son, but i think a lot of it is simply the way i feel alone in a lot of my motherhood i am the only one at times feeling worried or inadequate or frustrated or insane (anyone nodding their head?).

but i am not alone (and neither are you!), and in acknowledging that i always try to tap into the deeper connection of the collective motherhood experience. i talk with other mom friends, listen, read books, search for support in groups, admire and gain inspiration from the accomplishments of other mothers, share in laughter (like watching this new show), and celebrate all the joys of motherhood, of which there are so many. all of this helps to remind me that i am part of one of the largest and most beautiful woman tribes. by openly sharing our stories, experiences and especially our support it also helps us all realize we are being the best moms we know how to be, and that is more than good enough.

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