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cute as a button

i have been on the hunt for some vintage buttons for a baby project i have in mind. who knew that they would be so tricky to find? seems everywhere i go, they have been recently cleaned out of them. today i was lucky enough to find these adorable button cards. i so love the little hot pink retangular ones. my son said they look like pez! not sure they will fit in to my current project, but i just couldn't pass them up. they'll be stashed away in my collection.

the little ceramic button container used to be my nana's, and i remember loving to look in there as a kid. she had so many buttons in all shapes and sizes and colors, and i can remember going to the craft store with her to pick out the perfect buttons for whatever sweater she might have been knitting at the time. i loved those trips. i know many of my creative genes comes from her...happy crafty memories. i love that these remind me of her.