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there's no place like home

back from sunny florida, and we seemed to have brought the warm weather with us... yay! there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a bit of time away. i have a thing about this actually... i have to always leave the house with clean sheets on all the beds. this drives my husband a little crazy i think, when i scramble around at the last minute to wash and remake all the beds only to leave them empty for some nights. there's just something about slipping into my own freshly made bed after sleeping on someone elses spare or pull-out that makes me so happy and content :) it makes re-entry into life back at home a little more comforting. what are your homecoming rituals?

i also loved coming home this weekend to put my feet in our own warm beach sand, see a baby lamb be born, plant the seeds for our vegetable garden, go to a lovely coctail party, spend the day with my parents, have some quiet time in the studio creating, and to watch both my boys in their little league debut as coach and player #14. yes, home sweet home.