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a word about the wishmama's project

recently launched in the wishstudio was our special monthly series, wishmamas: a collection of stories of the extraordinary journey of art and motherhood. i have learned through my own journey that these two elements are often inextricably intertwined. for those of us on this path, the need to live and grow creatively and the everlasting and everchanging role of being a mom are both deeply rooted in our souls and in our daily lives.

in both capacities there have often been times i have felt uninspired, overwhelmed and even alone. finding my way creatively and embracing my motherhood has always been a winding road. countless times i have been encouraged and lifted up by what you have to share; so many beautiful little bits of life and wisdom that i have found out there in this big blogging universe. i really wanted to bring a piece of this collective inspiration here to the wishstudio, like a trail of shiny white pebbles to follow as we all try to find our own way. it is a reminder that others do exist who understand our daily triumphs and struggles, and who also want to share the joy and heartache of what lies within.

i am so excited and honored to bring you the words of so many amazing women every month. i am grateful to all of you taking part in this project as it means so much to me personally, and i know your words will also resonate in the lives of countless others.

so i hope that these stories to come will nourish and enrich your life as a creative mother, wherever you are on your journey. what i have found in every essay i have recieved so far is that they are rich with honest and heartfelt experiences through which emerge many poinient and universal truths that relate to us all. we are all so unique yet still very much the same. 

i hope you treasure each and every story as it unfolds.