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comfort in little rituals

with all the changes and chaos in life, our family finds comfort in these little rituals we have established over the years...

* sundays, early in the morning while dad sleeps in, we feed this little goose family and then head off to todd farm, the nearby antique market affectionately know to my son as the "treasure farm". we always find a treasure to bring home.

*during the week, there is always snuggle time in the morning, even if i am awake first and have already started my day, my son will climb into my empty bed and call me back for a little cozy moment together. there is always butterfly kisses, lots of laughter, some sneak attack tickling, a kiss (without a raspberry if i'm lucky), and maybe even a thumb war or two.

* we never miss 10am and 3pm snacktimes. ever. we are all about good snackin'!

* evenings consist of family time - a half an hour of something we do all together, usually a game, then a little wind-down t.v. time, and plenty of stories to read before bed.

* after lunch and before school, we have a moment to read a story together. for some reason my son likes to read his oldest books during this time... books that he loved to read as a toddler and a baby, even some of his tattered old board books. such nostalgia is very sweet.

* friday nights are pizza and game night, where mom doesn't have to cook and dad gets to play wii for a while. fun for all :)

* saturday mornings are always pancakes for breakfast...the thin french kind that dad makes from his perfected recipe, with real maple syrup, whipped cream and love.

in between there is always the regular flow of committments and responsibilities like school, t-ball, swim class and such, which all help keep us grounded in our week. then somehow everything else fits in... family, friends, creative time, work, outside time, gardening, cleaning, food shopping, etc. etc. sometimes it all seems managable. sometimes it is completely chaotic, but it is a life that is full and good and one that i wouldn't trade for anything.