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inspiration in your bag

here’s a quick little creative challenge for you to do anytime, anywhere…all you need is a glue stick, scissors and your bag or purse!

by creating a collage from things found only in your bag, you will rediscover all the little bits you’ve been collecting and saving, while at the same time cleaning out all the junk you’ve accumulated. i had lots of both.

you will be surprised with what you can create and will find that there is inspiration to be discovered even in the darkest recesses of your wallet.

i used a good sized paint swatch (the white i just painted my new studio space) as my collage background. then by digging through the scraps, coupons, papers, and recipts i grabbed colors and bits that i thought were fun…a vintage ticket, a farmstand recipt, a stamp sticker, another paint chip in the color of pink sky (and the name of my personal blog), some fun words, etc.

at first, it didn’t seem like i had much to work with and i was tempted to grab some other things to fill in the space. as i kept looking though, patterns and colors started jumping out at me from what i had in my pile.

it was a fast and fun way to get a little creativity into my day, and to clean out my overflowing bag!

give it a try… as my collage says “tag, you’re it!” . create your own purse collage and if you like, share it with us (leave a comment here and i will post your link). happy creating! more inspiration shared here and here