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leaving a trail behind

the wishstudio manifesto

is my intention to hearby make all my wishes known to the universe…

to chase my dreams fearlessly
to live a life of passion and intent
to always practice, learn, and aspire
to be mindful of my needs, desires and actions
to choose acceptance over judgement
to rejoice in my own unique qualities
to speak boldly with my creative voice
to nourish my body with love and goodness
to embrace the positive energy of those who surround me
to make a difference in the live’s of others
to have confidence and faith in the universe
to share light, laughter, love and peace
to not just simply follow a path
but to leave a trail behind.

our vision

*wishstudio* believes…in building an inspiring community where we can gather, connect, create, and grow. by providing this space where self exploration is encouraged and judgment is left behind, we can celebrate the beauty and potential that lies within each of us. the rich tapestry of souls is the foundation that we can build our inner strength upon, find our own unique voice, and also gain insight and inspiration.

*wishstudio* believes…that each of us is on a journey to become our very best self. with mindfulness and passion, we can take steps every day towards living the life of our dreams. our life therefore is our art, our legacy, created to bring more joy to ourselves and ultimately to the world. our stories may be told through our words, our bodies, our work, or our creations, but it is our intention that fuels our light. this light enables us to shine as brightly as possible!

*wishstudio* believes…in recognizing and uniting our collective power, positive influence, and responsibility to help take care of our greater community including ourselves and the world around us. by embracing gratitude as well as care and concern for all, we can create an empowering force for beauty, joy and positive change.

proclaim your wishes and become a part of the wishstudio community today!