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we are in serious nesting mode... yesterday we spent the day cleaning out the basement (o.k. my husband did), unearthing all the baby stuff stored away and shuffling around furniture from room to room to create the new nest that will soon become a home for four. i've been planning this reorganization in my head for so long (it seems) and to finally get things moving it feels exciting and good, but a little scary too. it's beginning to feel very real...this new addition, whereas just a few months ago the baby felt more like a possibility. our world is going to be shaken up, and i am anxious to see how the all pieces resettle into what will be our new normal.

for now, i am enjoying the process of expanding and becoming... getting our physical world ready for the big change. i am in the process of moving my studio out of the spare bedroom that will become the baby's room, and refitting a smaller somewhat unfinished room to be my new creative haven. thinking about color and storage and all the possibilities is so fun! i love organizing and setting up. it really puts me in my happy place :)

the baby furniture has finally been moved out of my son's bedroom, and his position as big brother is beginning to materialize (which is kind of choking me up surprisingly). his new room will be redecorated and complete with his own bunk bed "tree house" (inspired by the magic tree house book series) where he can escape to his toys, books and imagination. he and i have a lot of fun and creative ideas for this. i'll be sure to show pictures as it comes together.

as for the baby's room, it will be kept plain and simple for now. i know when we meet our new little one i will then be inspired to create the perfect cozy little world. for now, not knowing if it will be a daughter or a son, i am content to just wait and see and dream of possibilities...