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"set up shop" to define your creative world

melissa averinos and melba mcmullin 
in melissa’s cape cod shop, yummy goods

i had the wonderful opportunity this weekend to visit with two local creative friends, melanie and melissa. the inspiration and creative vision of others always gets my own creative juices flowing, and both these girls had so much to share. afterwards, i found myself daydreaming about art, creative ventures, motherhood, and community.

melissa’s fabulous shop and studio inspired me to imagine my own dream shop, and when i got home i doodled and jotted down what i thought mine might be like...

my little slice of heaven would be full of color-pinks, greens and turquoise, playful but cozy and full of whimsey. i’d have lots of crafty stuff on hand, beautiful papers, vintage buttons and beads, ribbons, journals and maybe even some great fabric. there would be lots of handmade things, vintage quilts, even a rack of dreamy bohemian clothes (swirly skirts are a must) and jewelery and bags…gotta have lots of great bags! eco friendly yoga mats and cushions, lots of candles, a bookshelf of inspiring books, and a cozy corner to sit and revel in a creative idea or two alone or with a friend. i would serve tea and have great music playing. the studio would be bustling with some kind of activity, my own projects or a filled with a group of creative souls making art, taking a class, connecting, laughing and also dreaming big!

this is such a fun creative exercise, even if you aren’t a business owner or ever thought about running a retail shop. it helps you to imagine and define your ideal creative world, the aesthetic and the things you love and that really inspire you. try this as a journaling entry or create a collage with “my dream shop” as the theme. you may surprise yourself with what you come up with!…what’s in your shop?