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stretching my creative wings

lately i have been feeling my creativity brimming up to the surface like a clear, sparkling fountain. i wake up in the morning with fresh ideas, and greet the day looking forward to whatever creative adventure lies ahead. i've been craving experiences of the senses, artist's dates of all sorts...trips to the local farm stand and flower shop, time in my studio, nosing around the corner consignment and vintage stores, winding my way click by click into creative blog world, getting lost in the isles of bookstores and craft shops, wandering the quaint neighborhood streets coming alive with color and new life.

connecting with so many of you by working in the new wishstudio has injected my days with inspiration and light and is encouraging me to really stretch my creative wings again. it feels exciting and joyful and comforting all at the same time.

as i go through this new evolution, i am learning more about my own creative process and what my creativity means to me. it is beginning to come more into focus... that i am a curator of creativity rather than a producer of art. though i thought for many years i would find my path among other working artists (my etsy shop sits empty and waiting), i think now that i am more destined to inspire and bring creative souls together. this is a whole other creative process and one i never really considered as an artful destination, yet here is where i find myself.

that is not to say i don't enjoy making art and creating hands on, but i'm finding my creative passion really comes alive when i find new inspiration, connect with creative souls, and can share this with the world. it is the experience of creating and feeling inspired that i love, and better yet, that i am finding how this one common denominator connects so many of us in this beautiful wide world.