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water meditation for creative flow

millbrook meadow, rockport ma

this meditation is designed to help with the flow of creativity in your life. maybe you feel you have lost touch with your dreams or you might be at a pivitol point of creative change. maybe you’ve simply hit a creative roadblock and need to infuse some new energy into a project or idea. whatever your situation, this gentle meditation is designed to reconnect you with the flow of your inner creativity. carve out at least a half an hour for yourself, and follow these steps:

* create a cozy meditation corner in a quiet area of your house. allow space for a comfortable seat, like a cushion or pillow, and a small table or altar for your meditation focus. place on the table items that connect you with water… like a sea scented candle, shells from the ocean, a photograph of a beautiful waterfall etc. also place a small bowl of water in your corner.

* begin your meditation by taking a nice relaxing shower. this part of the meditation is to awaken your senses to the actual physical feeling of flow. watch the water flow, and think about how it makes you feel. allow yourself to enjoy and relax into the sensation of flowing water all around you.

* next, drink a full glass of pure water. drink it slowly and mindfully and notice the water move through your body. think about how it feels, this internal flow of water.

* finally, sit comfortably in your meditation corner. place your hands in water mudra (tips of thumb and pinky finger touching) and relax your other fingers. focus again on the feeling of flow. as you sit, repeat an affirmation that inspires you to move towards your creative goals. one such affirmation could be “i trust myself to follow my creative dreams”.

* use this meditation whenever you feel you need reconnecting with your inner creative flow…it is always there ready to be reawakened!