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plucking the petals: a summer solstice project

the summer solstice celebrates the earth, the feminine, and the yin forces of growth and ripening. it’s a wonderful time to really live into your dreams and to soak up the juiciness that has begun to blossom from all of your intentions and creative goals set over the previous months. with this in mind, i wanted to share with you this fun project for an inspiration collage that i created for myself. it is ripe with simple summer hopes and intentions and as it hangs in my studio it will remind me of what is really essential. envisioning a flower with it’s many petals, think about what is important to you this season. focus on the joy and lovely outward energy of the coming months. it’s the perfect time to share simple pleasures, connect with friends and family, continue working on a beloved creative project, and enjoy some lazy downtime as well. imagine that you will pluck these petals all summer long! create your collage and share it here by leaving a comment on this post. can’t wait t


yesterday we finished our last day of kindergarten. it was a big day and full of mixed emotions... the joy of accomplishment and success, and the sorrow of leaving the safe little educational nest this year has built for us behind. as a parent these milestones are so wonderfully momentous. as a parent of a child with special needs these milestones are huge in a different kind of way (though i don't really know otherwise), and often bitter sweet. the road is always long. sometimes this is a gift, as it forces us to appreciate the small shiny gems of our own measures of success. sometimes not so much, as there are other days when the challenges feel impossibly insurmountable. my son has an incredible self awareness for a little person only six years old. though at any given time the adhd has his his world whirling and spinning too fast, he is able to later reflect and talk about his feelings in a quiet moment of calm. this always amazes me. his emotional maturity. his resilliance.

taking it as it comes

here i am at 35 weeks... huge right? everyone i run into asks me if i am due any day now, and i have to say "nope, got a month left", and then there is lots of smiling and head shaking with the reply "you're not going to make it... i bet you'll go early!". as much as that notion appeals, i am hoping that all goes as planned... but we all know the saying about best laid plans. in between now and july 17th (the day of my c-section), there is still lots to do... finish up kindergarten, get settled into the new rhythm of summer camp, an unexpected trip to the dentist to fix a broken tooth (yuck), a consultation with the new pediatrician, plan a sixth birthday party, await the replacement part to the crib we lost and finally put it together, meet my delivering obstetrician, organize the wishstudio for the summer, register and pack our bags for the hospital, treat myself to a pedicure since my toes are completely out of reach and a wreck, and so on... i'm

just busy with life

catching up with mama nina and her little beans is always such a sweet joy. there's hugs and smiles and easy conversation. always talk of crafty stuff and creative dreams, babies, school aged triumphs and woes, family goodness, and the everyday craziness of life. it's refreshing. it's simple but magical. it's just what i needed. and my little man got to practice his big brother skills on the littlest ninabeaner babe {who he has lovingly dubbed honalulu}. with the sun finally shining and time to share with friends, it was the perfect morning.

tender spots

this week i am feeling the weight... of life, of the baby growing inside of me, of everything unknown. i'm feeling very tender and sensitive and unsure about a lot of things, and i've been holding on to the things that are helping me get through these days like my son's smile, my husband's encouragement, the little wiggles inside my tummy, and staying connected with my creativity and the people and things that really bring me joy. i am carefully putting one foot in front of the other. on the cusp of so many changes i feel like a caterpillar wanting to crawl into a safe and snug cacoon, to shut out the world so i can focus simply on growing, becoming and soon emerging into a new life. still i know, now is not the time to retreat. i've been reading a little about prenatal and postpartum depression and was surprised to find some daunting statistics... that an estimated 1/3 of all mother's with young children are dealing with some kind of depression, and that pre

studio time

amidst a very busy weekend, i spent a few heavenly hours in the studio yesterday and created this. inspired by the many amazing mixed midia artists i seem to be drawn to these days, i wanted to try my hand at something similar. so with paint, rubber stamps, some vintage bits and ephemera i made this piece as a gift for a very special sweet 16 year old friend on her birthday. she is an artsy soul just beginning to blossom, and the thought of simply sharing a piece of art with her made my own heart happy. it is something i would have loved to have received when i was 16; the color, the messege, the inspiration and really just the possibilities... then i realized this is just where i am right now too, embracing it all and dreaming big!

a gift

i recently received this lovely gift from a sweet creative soul who has twirled into my life via the wishstudio . lucky me. i have been reading her book in delicious savored doses every night since the package arrived at my doorstep. i am truly touched and inspired. there is something about the richness of a creative unfolding that so intrigues me. while i love crafty how-to books and beautiful books on artful techniques, my heart really connects with personal stories of an artist's becoming. i naturally connect to the emotion, the soaring impulses, the reality and messiness of it all. it is what i feel in my own life too. finding the richness in the day to day can sometimes be a challange, especially with children, laundry, bills etc... but therin also lies the gift!

an evolution

me, growing and evolving at 33 weeks pregnant hello creative friends, as we head into our second month of the renewed wishstudio, i thought is was good time to share with you a bit of my story behind this creative space. it has been quite a journey to get to this time and place, and has also taken me good deal of heartache, reinvention, and a great measure of patience, belief, and hope. what started out as a business plan for a small brick and mortar studio , ended up being something very different than i had originally imagined. as many of you can attest to, creative dreams often take unexpected turns. the essance of what i intended for the wishstudio though has always remained the same…to create community and an amazing space for creative wishes to be realized! when it comes to my creative passion, i am sometime overzealous about leaping. i get an inspiration and before i know it it is off and flying. this can be good and bad. on one hand i know i can actualize almost any