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an evolution

me, growing and evolving at 33 weeks pregnant

hello creative friends,

as we head into our second month of the renewed wishstudio, i thought is was good time to share with you a bit of my story behind this creative space. it has been quite a journey to get to this time and place, and has also taken me good deal of heartache, reinvention, and a great measure of patience, belief, and hope.

what started out as a business plan for a small brick and mortar studio, ended up being something very different than i had originally imagined. as many of you can attest to, creative dreams often take unexpected turns. the essance of what i intended for the wishstudio though has always remained the same…to create community and an amazing space for creative wishes to be realized!

when it comes to my creative passion, i am sometime overzealous about leaping. i get an inspiration and before i know it it is off and flying. this can be good and bad. on one hand i know i can actualize almost any dream i have. this is a pretty powerful notion. yet on the other hand, it has stacked up on my creative shelf a fair amount of projects that some might consider failures. i try not to see it this way. i try to focus on the little gems that every experience has unearthed for me, and how each of these has brought me closer to what is really meaningful to my creative process and to my life as a whole.

i am not one of those people who’s path is clearly defined. i am not a trained classical artist of a particular medium, or a designer in a corporate office, or a writer, or an activist, or a teacher of crafty things, or a shop owner. i can not be labeled by one word. my creative life is very much like a big closet full of old sparkly costumes that i have worn or tried on and have later hung up, having never really found the one that truly fit. it has taken me this long to learn that this idea of wearing a particular hat as one’s vocation is completely opposite the direction i am moving.

i am peeling away the layers. i am discovering and embracing what really brings me fullfillment and joy. i am paring down to my most authentic self and wearing what simply defines Me. what i know now is that my happiness is deeply rooted in my creativity, and my creativity is inextricably linked to all aspects of my life (which is where the wishmamas project was born from). the path is all one and the same. i used to try very hard to organize and compartmentalize the many facets of my world only to be left feeling fragmented and out of balance. now i can see the magic of integrating all the moving pieces into one beautiful and meaningful harmony. i will never find complete fullfillment in seperating home life from work life etc. for me, i realize this is this is the only way.

so in this space i am learning about myself , embracing a passion for passion’s sake, and sharing the vision with all of you. it is birthed from a place of real yearning and meaning, so it is deeply personal; not simply a creative venture but an honest and real extension of me. this feels good and right as i am coming from a place of creating for the simple joy of it and not as a means to an end. such a different and freeing perspective.

as things here grow and evolve, i know there will be many wonderful things to unfold, many beautiful connections to be made, many bold and daring projects, and many missteps along the way all to be shared and celebrated. please know that your are all my muse, my inspiration, part of my story and this creative space. so embrace your own creativity as i embrace my own, and see how it makes our community shine even brighter!