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yesterday we finished our last day of kindergarten. it was a big day and full of mixed emotions... the joy of accomplishment and success, and the sorrow of leaving the safe little educational nest this year has built for us behind. as a parent these milestones are so wonderfully momentous. as a parent of a child with special needs these milestones are huge in a different kind of way (though i don't really know otherwise), and often bitter sweet.

the road is always long. sometimes this is a gift, as it forces us to appreciate the small shiny gems of our own measures of success. sometimes not so much, as there are other days when the challenges feel impossibly insurmountable.

my son has an incredible self awareness for a little person only six years old. though at any given time the adhd has his his world whirling and spinning too fast, he is able to later reflect and talk about his feelings in a quiet moment of calm. this always amazes me. his emotional maturity. his resilliance. his perfectly imperfect self that i see so achingly clearly in these moments. this morning was one of those times when at the breakfast table he shared a sound dose of wisdom far beyond his years.

as his mother i want everything to be easy for him, and the reality is that this is simply not the case. the journey from point A to point B is never a straight line. sometimes one of the hardest things as a parent, as his parent, is accepting this basic fact. i am still learning and imagine i always will be.

so with this big milestone we are celebrating not just a graduation, but more importantly the zillions of tiny steps it has taken us as a family to successfully get here... the learning we all had to do along the way to see him in this moment, standing alongside his peers, for this simple right of passage.

it makes my heart swell with pride and a complex joy that is hard to describe, but it is a moment i know i will remember forever.