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plucking the petals: a summer solstice project

the summer solstice celebrates the earth, the feminine, and the yin forces of growth and ripening. it’s a wonderful time to really live into your dreams and to soak up the juiciness that has begun to blossom from all of your intentions and creative goals set over the previous months.

with this in mind, i wanted to share with you this fun project for an inspiration collage that i created for myself. it is ripe with simple summer hopes and intentions and as it hangs in my studio it will remind me of what is really essential.

envisioning a flower with it’s many petals, think about what is important to you this season. focus on the joy and lovely outward energy of the coming months. it’s the perfect time to share simple pleasures, connect with friends and family, continue working on a beloved creative project, and enjoy some lazy downtime as well. imagine that you will pluck these petals all summer long!

create your collage and share it here by leaving a comment on this post. can’t wait to see what’s blooming in your corner!