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taking it as it comes

here i am at 35 weeks... huge right? everyone i run into asks me if i am due any day now, and i have to say "nope, got a month left", and then there is lots of smiling and head shaking with the reply "you're not going to make it... i bet you'll go early!". as much as that notion appeals, i am hoping that all goes as planned... but we all know the saying about best laid plans.

in between now and july 17th (the day of my c-section), there is still lots to do... finish up kindergarten, get settled into the new rhythm of summer camp, an unexpected trip to the dentist to fix a broken tooth (yuck), a consultation with the new pediatrician, plan a sixth birthday party, await the replacement part to the crib we lost and finally put it together, meet my delivering obstetrician, organize the wishstudio for the summer, register and pack our bags for the hospital, treat myself to a pedicure since my toes are completely out of reach and a wreck, and so on...

i'm trying to go with the flow and listen to my body and soul each day. some days i have more emotional and physical energy than others, and some days i have little of either. sleep has become irratic and i have been often finding myself wide awake in the night, so i take that time to work on baby names or dream about the future. baby brain seems to be kicking in early, and i feel a bit scattered and emotional.

it's all a rollercoaster ride... the usual really.