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catching up

i've been... getting more sleep than expected loving being a baby momma again watching my first enjoy being a big brother planning for 10 relatives to stay and visit next week so excited to join leah and jenn for this upcoming creative workshop creating e-vites for a 6th birthday party trying to stay cool in hot and humid weather enjoying lot's of family time with a laid back summer schedule out to see the new harry potter while nana came and babysat carrying my new diaper bag , but forgot how much stuff you need to lug around amazed at how the summer is flying by working on making birth announcements reading the twilight series again, getting ready for new moon this fall so grateful for the overflow of well wishes for our new family of four watching too much t.v. but enjoying it while i can sipping wine again and taste testing the new trendy boxed kind recording, once again, all the firsts... like first bath (so cute :) kissing chubby cheeks, tiny toes, wiggly finge

hello world

almost 2 weeks... and we are slowly waking up healing and resetting finding our new rhythm of days and nights melting together and simply being together as a new family of four

creative summer kids project

i wanted to find a fun way to help encourage my son to keep practicing his reading and writing through the summer months. inspired by all those blogland postcard swaps, i decided to set up a summer swap for him. i thought this was the perfect way to keep in touch with friends, be creative, and send (and recieve – because who doesn’t love getting mail?) a little snail mail love. we made our postcards out of recycled cardboard packaging, like empty cereal and snack boxes. these were perfect for collaging and embellishing and made our recycling pile a little smaller too! then using our class list from last year, we plan to make and send a card to each friend. it is a wonderful and quick project you can tackle in small increments, so the task is not tedious or overwhelming. i invited his classmates to participate, and we are all looking forward to peeking in our mailboxes all the summer long!

our (second) bundle of joy

a little brother is here! born july 9th at 2:30am two weeks early and a healthy 8lbs. 5oz. we couldn't be more in love.

a gentle knock

lately i have been tired and slowly chipping away at my to-do list without any real sense of urgency. yesterday though, it hit me... i have two weeks left and still lots to do! so with a burst of energy (i guess what they would consider a true nesting instinct ) i spent the day busy running errands, finishing cleaning and organizing the nursary, and getting ready for this baby to actually arrive. by 9pm, withough having had my usual afternoon nap, i was still not tired and felt restless and a little off. then the contractions began coming... 6 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart... not very strong, but surely there. by 1 in the moring i was still contracting and not really able to sleep so i called my doctor. was this it? my husband gulped down a cup of coffee and started packing bags for my son and for us. at the doctors suuggestion i hopped into the shower to see what, if anything would happen, and nothing really changed. by 3am, i finally felt tired and it seemed my contractions might be