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a gentle knock

lately i have been tired and slowly chipping away at my to-do list without any real sense of urgency. yesterday though, it hit me... i have two weeks left and still lots to do! so with a burst of energy (i guess what they would consider a true nesting instinct) i spent the day busy running errands, finishing cleaning and organizing the nursary, and getting ready for this baby to actually arrive. by 9pm, withough having had my usual afternoon nap, i was still not tired and felt restless and a little off. then the contractions began coming... 6 minutes apart, 5 minutes apart... not very strong, but surely there. by 1 in the moring i was still contracting and not really able to sleep so i called my doctor. was this it?

my husband gulped down a cup of coffee and started packing bags for my son and for us. at the doctors suuggestion i hopped into the shower to see what, if anything would happen, and nothing really changed. by 3am, i finally felt tired and it seemed my contractions might be slowing down so i decided to catch a few hours of sleep.

showing other small signs of early labor now, i am heading off to my doctors this morning to get checked. having anticipated a planned c-section, the thought of going through labor and then delivering by cesarean (again) would not be ideal, but whatever will be, will be. my instincts are telling me though my baby is knocking gently on the door and it's almost time. part of me is excited with the anticipation of finally meeting this little one... another part of me is wishing the baby would just wait a wee bit longer, not really sure if i am absolutely ready.

truly the best of all scenarios is that we simply end up with a healthy and happy baby.

it won't be long...