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catching up

i've been...

getting more sleep than expected
loving being a baby momma again
watching my first enjoy being a big brother
planning for 10 relatives to stay and visit next week
so excited to join leah and jenn for this upcoming creative workshop
creating e-vites for a 6th birthday party
trying to stay cool in hot and humid weather
enjoying lot's of family time with a laid back summer schedule
out to see the new harry potter while nana came and babysat
carrying my new diaper bag, but forgot how much stuff you need to lug around
amazed at how the summer is flying by
working on making birth announcements
reading the twilight series again, getting ready for new moon this fall
so grateful for the overflow of well wishes for our new family of four
watching too much t.v. but enjoying it while i can
sipping wine again and taste testing the new trendy boxed kind
recording, once again, all the firsts... like first bath (so cute :)
kissing chubby cheeks, tiny toes, wiggly fingers
marveling at just how big, big brother really is and how much he has grown up