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finding center

there is so much going on these days. my head is overflowing with things to do, creative ideas, plans to come, caring for family, things to organize, and keeping it all in balance. i'm not very good with balance. i often tend to want to put all of my eggs into one or two baskets at a time when i need to be dividing them among many more. i am working on this as best i can as i know that this off-kilter existance can be a precursor to overwhelm and burn out for me. so today, even though i want to spend the day creating away (i've got a painting in my head dying to get on canvas), i am going back to center by putting a little energy into all my baskets. some of them have been a little neglected as of late. at the end of the day i know that this is what will ultimately feel the most fullfilling. moderation i initially thought is the key, but rethinking this i believe that it is more about staying tuned into all facets of my life, not just the ones that are the easiest and most f

ups and downs

simple joy-filled moments (not so small) wonders... our weekend visitor, mr. mantis the past few days have been a real mix of shiny moments and storm clouds. i've felt a bit raw and sensitive to everything...the good stuff and the bad. and there has been plenty of both: a sweet outdoor lunch date just me and my sleepy wee one; an email taking me 2+ hours to write due to fussy baby, homework resistance, and time-out; perfect fall weather; feeling crabby none the less; playing chase and tire swinging at the park; wii remotes being launched in frustration; amazing creatures found in the garden; a chaotic morning at nana's house; a new pair of boots; a little catch up time with my mom; not finding anything on my list of things i needed; homemade chocolate chip cookies; yelling; a night of uninterrupted sleep; a broken cell phone, all contents lost; a birthday party at the local farm; getting lost and being very late; pumpkin decorating, hay rides, and piniatas; ge

in my world

here in my little corner of the world we are chasing summer even though we've welcome the arrival of fall. beautiful warm sunny days followed by cool comfortable nights have been a blessing. the basin is still full of life... boaters, summer birds like the beautiful white cranes, and lots of fish and crawly things for little boys to catch. we've gone back to school and started first grade. we rode the bus for the very first time. we are making new friends, meeting new families, finding our way through the longer days in the classroom. we are reading like nobody's business! i am always amazed by what an incredible little person my oldest son is growing up to be. and so i have time... time to spend with the littlest one. who is smiling, and cooing and gurgling. he is happy to be with his mommy (most of the time :) and to hang out in the sunny studio listening to music and chasing dreams. a glowing stacy at squam there have been artful conne

embracing my truth

this weekend i am diving into my creativity full-on. i will be stretching myself in lots of ways. it will mean cracking open and embracing who i am in a way that i haven't fully experienced yet, connecting with a sacred part of Me and ultimately connecting with so many other like minded women. i am headed off to participate in a fabulous art workshop with some dear creative friends. after, together we will be travelling north to have a whirwind adventure inside the the inspiring world of squam . i can't wait to immerse myself in all the beautiful artful connections, some old and many new, and be surrounded by this community that fuels so much of my soul... i imagine it will feel a lot like coming home.

this much i know is true

best friends in atlantic city, early 1960's fifty-three years ago these three were boys and became the very best of friends. little did they know back then that they would not only forge lifelong friendships, a brotherhood in the truest sense of the word, but that they would create a legacy along the way. this is my father (far right) and his two oldest and closest friends. they have been inseperable since long before i can remember. they are my family, born not of blood but out of sharing years and years of life together and a kind of bond that is extremely precious and rare. they created something beyond themselves, a rich and joyful tapestry of past and present, memories and traditions, friendship and love, that continues to weave together the lives of everyone in thier wake... i feel incredibly blessed to be one of those people. so many times i have sat in a room filled with this tribe, and felt overwhelmed and awed with gratitude. i couldn't imagine my life without the

sharing the bounty

fresh zucchini bread baked from veggies from our garden ...a little loaf for each of our neighbors sweet peaches picked fresh from a neighbor's tree and brought right to our door homemade quiche creating family time around the table it has been a very bountiful summer. our home has been overflowing with so much goodness. it feeds my soul and grounds me in deep gratitude. makes me want to to savor all the little things and share all that i can.