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finding center

there is so much going on these days. my head is overflowing with things to do, creative ideas, plans to come, caring for family, things to organize, and keeping it all in balance. i'm not very good with balance. i often tend to want to put all of my eggs into one or two baskets at a time when i need to be dividing them among many more. i am working on this as best i can as i know that this off-kilter existance can be a precursor to overwhelm and burn out for me.

so today, even though i want to spend the day creating away (i've got a painting in my head dying to get on canvas), i am going back to center by putting a little energy into all my baskets. some of them have been a little neglected as of late. at the end of the day i know that this is what will ultimately feel the most fullfilling. moderation i initially thought is the key, but rethinking this i believe that it is more about staying tuned into all facets of my life, not just the ones that are the easiest and most fun to focus on. because the things i take my energy away from start to wither and groan. and i definately hear a little groaning.

finding center is about touching upon all the things that matter to me and make my life a good and happy place to be. even if that means just paying the bills or getting my flu shot.