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ups and downs

simple joy-filled moments

(not so small) wonders... our weekend visitor, mr. mantis

the past few days have been a real mix of shiny moments and storm clouds. i've felt a bit raw and sensitive to everything...the good stuff and the bad. and there has been plenty of both: a sweet outdoor lunch date just me and my sleepy wee one; an email taking me 2+ hours to write due to fussy baby, homework resistance, and time-out; perfect fall weather; feeling crabby none the less; playing chase and tire swinging at the park; wii remotes being launched in frustration; amazing creatures found in the garden; a chaotic morning at nana's house; a new pair of boots; a little catch up time with my mom; not finding anything on my list of things i needed; homemade chocolate chip cookies; yelling; a night of uninterrupted sleep; a broken cell phone, all contents lost; a birthday party at the local farm; getting lost and being very late; pumpkin decorating, hay rides, and piniatas; getting soaked in the rain ; a patient husband holding down the fort; a lost vacation day spent running errands; connecting with an old friend; a long walk with an inconsolable baby; a yummy grilled dinner (thanks again to hubby); dishes falling and breaking; a long, hot shower; and just getting this all out.