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recovering from a whirlwind

i am back from a whirwind visit to the midwest. the littlest one and i traveled to ohio to spend some time with a whole slew of family who i haven't seen in a few years, and who were meeting the baby for the first time. we successfully navigated all the travelling and visiting and had a really nice time.  it amazes me how much calmer and more confident i am with this second one. i would never have been brave enough to fly solo with my first as an infant. he was a wonderful travel companion, happy to be out in the world, taking it all in, and smiling on every person who crossed his path. the flight attendant on the way home affectionately named him "cheeks". poor big brother was home sick all week with dad, so today he and i are laying low, lounging in our pj's and catching up on our rest.

postcards from my son

all of these images were captured by my 6 year old over the past weekend. i love being able to see the world from his point of view... tiny but profound moments (like saying goodbye to his nana and grandpa at the airport), and the beauty of nature that truly brings him peace and joy. i especially love the self portrait and laugh out loud that he tried to take a picture of himself :) clever little boy! it was a very busy and full week visiting with family, and being out of his normal routine made the days a little tricky to navigate. so in the stillness of a quiet house this morning, i uploaded these pictures as i thought about what i wanted to share. then, there on my screen was everything i could think to say and more. narrated in these moments are treasured little bits of happiness. even amidst the chaos there is meaningful yet simple joy. this is what we all try to capture and hold on to. this is what i need to always remember, and hope to share.

remembering gratitude

i am grateful tiny toes and for being able to kiss and nibble them whenever i want... i am grateful for the calm that always comes after the storm... i am grateful for all of the ways i know i am a good parent, especially in the moments when i'm not... i am grateful for having family to gather around us and make us feel loved and special... i am grateful for a love that makes me want always find my best self... i am grateful for having everything i need... i am grateful for the lessons my children teach me every day... i am grateful for having friends who truly understand me... i am grateful for almost always finding that my glass is half full and often overflowing... i am grateful for knowing that imperfect is really o.k... i am grateful for having dreams and hope... i am grateful for this day, this moment...