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my husband and i recently joined a support group for parents of children with adhd. it's been a different kind of learning for us. we've both read the books, and dug through resources, and even worked professionally with other children with adhd (my husband still does). what we've learned is that none of this can really prepare you for living through the day to day challenges associated with this disorder. as one mom in the group said... some days are great, and other days are just really crappy. and while you may be thinking to yourself 'isn't this true for everyone?', it was the similarity of the stories and parallel in struggles that had us all quietly nodding and tearing up. for me it has been tremendously healing to sit with these moms and dads. i can tell you now, that for many years i honestly thought it was me... that i was not a good mother. that i did not have what it took to be a mom. that something i was doing or not doing was really the cause of

signs of things to come

first frost i woke up to the first sugar coated frost of the season, and i realized how close the winter really is. fall is always too short for my liking, but i guess that is what makes it so glorious too. as the darkness spills into the daylight hours, i am busy filling all the baskets of my life like the little squirrels gathering nuts. i feel very centered, very hopeful, and all cozied up in a very comfortable, happy place. there are lot's of wonderful things to come...

so busy

creating together making applesauce for school staying warm and cozy together celebrating the small steps and stretching my creativity these are just a few glimpses of what i've been up to. on the whole life has been extremely full and very busy. i've recently noticed that i function best with a lot going on. it seems with a lot on my plate, the more momentum i have to get things done. this helps me dive into my days with more excitement and inspiration, and also fuels me with the much needed energy to be present for myself and my family. for now i am enjoying being in this flow as i am getting ready to take some pretty significant creative~life leaps in the very near future. just yesterday i finally opened my etsy shop . it's been hanging around empty since last spring waiting for the right moment to open. this photo above shows the beginning stages of my first original piece up for sale. i am excited to have that space to

inspire imagination

my husband and i spent the day in the city yesterday exploring the new harry potter exhibit . it was a really fun look inside the imaginary movie world of those beloved hogwarts wizards and witches. there was so much to see... set pieces, movie costumes, original props, and movie magic secrets revealed. from an artistic point of view, it must have been so exciting to recreate this world for the big screen! i loved seeing all the attention to every tiny detail, especially on the smallest of things - the buttons on the robes, the carvings on the wands, the wizard money, the packaging of the candy, all the graphic pieces that were made like the newspapers and textbooks and wizard magazines. some of my favorite things up close were professor umbridge's office (all pink, i loved the drapes), the griffendor dorms including contents of harry and ron's trunks, the yule ball gowns of hermione and cho, the marauders map, and the boggart wardrobe - such a beautiful piece. creative imagi