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so busy

creating together

making applesauce for school

staying warm and cozy together

celebrating the small steps

and stretching my creativity

these are just a few glimpses of what i've been up to. on the whole life has been extremely full and very busy. i've recently noticed that i function best with a lot going on. it seems with a lot on my plate, the more momentum i have to get things done. this helps me dive into my days with more excitement and inspiration, and also fuels me with the much needed energy to be present for myself and my family.

for now i am enjoying being in this flow as i am getting ready to take some pretty significant creative~life leaps in the very near future. just yesterday i finally opened my etsy shop. it's been hanging around empty since last spring waiting for the right moment to open. this photo above shows the beginning stages of my first original piece up for sale. i am excited to have that space to share more of my creativity with the world.

at home, things with the boys have been moving so quickly it seems. the baby is growing in leaps and bounds, so many firsts already recorded! my oldest son is growing more into himself every day. he's got new passions (pokemon and harry potter), new friends (mostly girls :) and a new perspective on his own struggles and triumphs. it's been a whirlwind fall already and i feel like i've learned so much about myself as a parent these past few months, even more so than in the past couple of years. maybe #2 does that to you... shows you that beyond all the worry and the inexperience is the true parent that we are. i feel like i have just stepped into that place of my motherhood, and it feels so comfortable and good. it's given me a level of confidance that i never really knew i was missing, and has spilled over into all the areas of my life.

it must be what growing truly feels like!