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gifts of possibility

the gift fairy arrived in a flourish yesterday! this long awaited treasure was finally delivered to my door, and i was giddy with excitement just to open it. i had to hold myself back from just tearing into the package, to slowly savor and photograph the moment :) this necklace represents a lot of things for me... it is the work of two of my wishstudio companions (both who i absolutely admire and adore for many different reasons) and represents to me the amazing collaboration and creativty that has grown out of that space this year. i love the sentiments on this piece, and recently told christine how i am going to eat, sleep and breathe those words through my many creative days ahead as i plunge full-on into this creative life that is unfolding right before my eyes! thank you stacy for designing such a gorgeous piece. i'd wear it in the shower if i could :)

also in my mailbox (my email box) was a beautifully thoughtful gift from some far away family. it came as a surprise and also waxed sentimental (the best kind of gifts i think!). i was gifted the virtual home of (cool right?). having blogged under this name for almost six years now, i never even thought of this. i am so touched by such a meaningful offering, and am so excited to think about the possibility of packing my bags and moving to a fancy new home that is all my own!

yes, so many possibilities! thank you (all of you) from the bottom of my heart...xo