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what i've been up to

wintery rainbow out my window last week

the days have been flying by. i can not believe it's only 2 weeks til christmas! where does time go? i've been off chasing one creative rainbow after another, and meeting up with some really inspiring people which has been overflowing my well of goodness this season.

i spent a wonderful evening (gosh, way back in early november already!) with two fabulous creative bloggers noshing on nan and sharing bits about life, creating, weddings, mamahood and blogging. it was so lovely to finally meet up with both these women and to see their sparkle up close. stop by and visit nina and say congrats on her on her pending nuptuals, and go on over to say hi to michelle and wish her luck with baby # two on the way! both have so much to share with the world, so keep an eye on their inspiring worlds.

i also spent a beautiful afternoon in heidi's glittery creative world making holiday cones and slippers. there was attention to every little detail from the yummy treats she (made) and served, to the gorgeous nametags she created with tlc. i had a really relaxing and fun time enjoying the company of some really lovely women and getting covered in pink sparkles. if you live in or around the boston area, you absolutely should try to get to one of her workshops. i know she will be offering some new ones in the new year, so keep an eye out.

and then there was also the best babyfest ever :) nina hosted a fun get together for all these adorable baldies and their mamas. aren't they the cutest? the wee one's fascinated in one another (ninabeana's two beans, my chunky monkey, and brittany's twin sweeties), and the mama's sipped coffee, chatted, and ate homemade chocolately treats. what's better than that?

lastly, amidst trying to stave off the germfest that wants to take up permenant residence in my house, i have been meeting deadlines and getting some big creative projects off the ground. the biggest is the wish*full virtual art retreat that i am hosting in the wishstudio next spring. i am so excited about this (and a little terrified), and know it's going to be really amazing. especially since i have some really special and talented teachers joining me! lisa and i recently got to meet up and dream out loud about this, together... she's got the best laugh, some serious artistic talent, and great shoes (i love having artist friends :) she's offering some great classes locally this winter too, so take a peek. there is a book locket class to die for!

in these last couple of weeks i'm getting ready to wrap up and say goodbye 2009 (it's been a milestone year for many reasons), finish my holiday shopping, and just spend some down time with my family. it's been the best kind of whirlwind, my life these days, and i need some quiet time to simply reflect, marvel, and sit with gratitude over all the year has brought me.