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a little bliss goes a long way

there is nothing better than starting off the new year with lots of family time, new projects, and a yummy date. yesterday after dropping the boys off at nana and grandpa's (a big treat for them as well), the grown ups got to spend some much needed time together.

we ventured out together in the falling snow and explored a brand new asian supermarket hidden away in a small boston suburb... and we found a little slice of (yummy) heaven! the store was overflowing with delicious offerings. both my husband and i share the same love affair with korean food. for me, it must be in my blood as i grew up eating meatloaf and spaghetti, for my hubby, it's the spicy flavorful goodness.

if you are not familiar with korean food, you have to try it. it is unlike any other asian cuisine. the abundance of kimchee and banchan that is always served alongside a korean meal makes it especially festive and communal. eating korean style is always a celebration of family and tradition.

so at the market, we ate a homestyle korean lunch, perused shelves and shelves of homemade banchan and even tasted some new ones, watched a woman preparing kimchee from scratch, and bought a bunch of yummy things to bring home. my oldest son also loves korean food and has a pallet for all things spicy, sweet and salty. it's only a matter of time before the baby has his first taste of something hot :) i also picked up a couple korean newspapers, though not for reading. they are perfect for crafting and wrapping gifts with all the beautiful hangul. (and after the flurry of holiday wrapping, we also decided to make a pact to never use store bought wrapping paper again).

we spent the last couple of hours just poking around the mall. my husband actually likes to shop (though he moans a little and pretends not to), and he got a few cool things to add to his closet. i got to spend some time in anthropologie which is always such a sensory treat. i am always awed by their creative and beautiful merchandising... they had huge birds sculpted out of vintage book pages rolled and torn, and holiday garland and table runners made from stitched playing cards - so fun! i scooped up a couple of pink moleskine journals (for half off!), tried on a few dreamy tops, and ogled over a gorgeous leather bag. i think i could live in that store.

a date (for us) would not be complete without spending some time in a bookstore, so we hung out for a while in borders too; me always gravitating to the kids section, the art and craft books, the business section and the magazines; him off to the music magazines and always in search of some good book he's heard/read about recently.

tomorrow, it is back to the regular routine. the flip side of having vacations together (as my husband works on a school schedule), is the inevitable coming-to-an-end of those nice chunks of family time. the transitional sunday is always hard, as we all just want this time to last forever. some sledding, and a little kimchee and my spicy, homemade korean soup will certainly help.