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it started with a chair

yesterday was a day that there were just surprises around every corner... it felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. something good. really good. and so i listened.

this chair. well, i can only tell you that it was love at first sight. the kind of thing that from the moment i saw it, i knew it was meant just for me. it was my chair. and it finally found me. this seems silly, i know. but this is how it felt. that somehow in that moment i had arrived into some part of my life that was really true and really meaningful and really powerful, and it came in the form of a hot pink vintage chair. that's cretainly not a bad thing. but it really made me think. it made me think about authenticity. it made me think of how since i have been living my truth and embracing all that is me, everything in my life seems to be automatically aligning itself to that in amazing and unexpected ways. this chair is really just a symbol of that. a reminder of who i am and where i am in my life. in every way, it's really a perfect fit.

when i got home, this had arrived in the mail. i knew it was coming, i just didn't know when. and i knew it was going to be really cool, but i didn't know just how cool... because that's me, well my wishstudio on the cover :) even holding it in my hands, i can hardly believe it. because this creative endeavor is so much a part of who am. it is so entrenched in everything i feel and do and aspire to, to have that shared in this beautiful and honorable and inspiring way is just so unbelievable.

it's not the end-all and be-all by any stretch of the imagination. though i do love how it makes my son feel like his mom is famous, and how it's inspired my husband's flights of fancy about being a stay at home dad. in the grand scheme of things it's kind of small. but on the winding path that is my life, it is like seeing a tree finally grown, lush and green and bursting with life and energy, after years of tending to the tiny seed that you planted so long ago and wondered if it would ever grow. it's kind of like the world saying, "Yes, i see you."

and it all started with a chair.