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little bits of togetherness

saturday mornings are now family time at the pool. living so close to the ocean, we wanted to be sure our kids were comfortable with the water and would learn how to swim. this was the baby's first time... he loved it, and is a little happy fish!

over the weekend, we had a surprise visit from a long lost friend. it's been almost 6 years since we've seen him, but really it was like it had just been yesterday. just like old times. it's funny how some friendships can be that way... timeless and unwavering. it really was wonderful to get caught up and just spend time together. we looked at old photos (we looked so young!), reminisced about ill fated hiking trips, laughed about our doggies from that time, and drank a celebratory and traditional round (or three) of scotch. my oldest son was starstruck and completely enamored by our visitor, which was really so cute. he took this picture during his goodbye photo shoot.

with all the support and goodness that has come my way via the wishstudio, i decided to make a donation in honor of our community to the relief effort in haiti. i am so grateful to be able to do this. strength in numbers really can make a difference in the world! craft hope is also taking donations of your handmade items, and proceeds of those sales will go to doctors witout borders who are in the frontlines helping to save lives there. see what you've got in your stash that you can give, or stop by and shop to support this effort!

  together with jamie ridler studios, i had the wonderful opportunity to share a little about my creative life. you can listen to the podcast here, or get it on itunes. it was my first spoken interview, so i am feeling a little shy about it, but i hope you will enjoy it. thanks jamie :)