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looking behind, looking ahead

pink skies of possibility...

as i sit and reflect on the past year, simply i'm in awe. in so many aspects of my life there has been beautiful growth... in my family, in my creative life, and in my belief in the possibility of everything. i am overflowing with gratitude.

last year saw the arrival of my second son. he has brought so much joy into our lives and every day i stare at him in wonder. also with this little person came an earth shaking shift in my perspective of being a mother, one that really has changed so much about how i think and feel in every way. this evolution has had profound effects on my life as a whole. my spirit grew into spaces that i never new existed, and thus i am a more complete person.

in 2009, while embracing the notion of becoming a new mom again i also recommitted to my belief and dreams for the wishstudio. i knew this virtual community had tremendous potential and i also knew i needed to breathe through that space in order to sustain my own creative soul. with the support of all the incredible creative women who have gathered there since it's revitalization last spring, the wishstudio has found it's place on the creative map as well as having become the vehicle and sustenance for all that i am and love to do. this space is bringing so many of my own wishes to life!

so i am leaping whole heartedly into 2010. i can feel it in my bones already that this is going to be a tremendous year! possibilities are becoming reality, and i am looking forward to another year of exciting growth and opportunity. here's a little peek of things ahead...

* in january i am being interviewed on jamie ridler's creative living podcast. you can listen when it goes "live" on jan. 19th.

* in february, the wishstudio will be featured in artful blogging magazine complete with a full photo spread and an interview with yours truly.

* in march, i am honored to be a guest curator on jenny doh's amazing new site and creative venture, crescendoh. she is bringing together an amazing community of artists, telling unique stories and offering meaningful inspiration all to share how art saves.

* in april i am hosting and teaching in the wish*full virtual art retreat along with 13 other fabulous artists. this event is the result of many many hours of dreaming, creating and collaboration, and i can not wait to see it all unfold!

* in may you can find me traveling to washington, dc to teach a creativity workshop hosted by an inspiring creative friend of mine.

also, look for a creative collaboration with bella wish, follow the journey of the necklace project to benefit nest including another podcast feature, and find out about my first trip to squam next fall~ and more to come i'm sure with so many new doors opening every single day (i can hardly believe it!). i hope you will follow my journey over the next year. it is sure to be full of surprises.

thank you, thank you to all of you who have offered your support and inspiration along the way... especially my family. i am infinately and forever grateful.

goodbye 2009, hello 2010!!!