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once upon a time

i was a children's clothing designer. before my own kids (initially). before i started blogging. before i really knew what i wanted to be when i grew up. it was a tiny but well established mom and pop business, built from the the dreams and artful aspirations of a mom in a small seaside town. funny how that is. now i can really relate and truly admire all that marsha and her husband created, and i am really grateful for having been a small part of that.

i was watching the new season of project runway last night (and can i just say how much i love that they painted the studio hot pink! i'm thinking of doing the same :)... this is what brought me back to that time. it really was a fun and fabulous job. very unglamorous (well maybe a tiny bit so), but i learned so much and got to see a slice of the fashion industry that was really fascinating and all new to me.

i traveled to LA and new york city regulary to attend the trade shows and to buy tons of fabric and notions. i even stayed in a few swanky hotels, ate out at some really great places, and got to shop on on 5th avenue and rodeo drive for inspiration! my favorite skirt came from one of those trips to NYC where i decided to hop a later flight and hang out in soho all by myself and just experience the city on my own. i have to say that was really decadent and dreamy! i miss the energy there from time to time.

i guess aside from reminiscing about an old job, i'm amazed to see how life changes so much. how from one day to the next you never know what might come to be, and how these new experiences cast a different light on old memories. it's wonderous to see how you change and evolve and also to find what inside of you always remains the same. really, this journey never ceases to amaze me.