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planner pad makeover

i really enjoyed taking the time to collage this cover for my new planner pad. the soothing greens and pinks (as always) called to me, and i was delighted to see this color theme emerge. combined with little vintage bits of ephemera, some pretty art paper, and inspiring scraps cut from magazines this collage came together quite nicely i think.

i wanted to start with a nice clean canvas, so for this i decided to use a blank sheet of sticker paper which ended up working very well. i cut a decorative edge along the binder side and rounded off the other corners to fit nicely over the original cover. i added another plain sheet in the same way to the inside cover to brighten things up and for doodles and notes. i think for the inside back cover i will order a clear pocket to hold all of the little loose things that seem to always find thier way between the pages. i imagine on some cold and snowy day, i will eventually collage the back cover as well as it is such a relaxing way to spend an afternnon.

a few of you have asked me how i like the planner pad, and so far i do. the main layout is very intuituve and much less linear than most other one dimentional organizers (which i like). it also has a lots of customizable pages for you to play around and create space for your specific needs. it is always the layout and design that sells me on an organizer (and i have tried them all!), not the pretty arwork or fancy cover. so this might be the best of both words, a great organizational tool with some room for creative expression. if you would like more planner pad inspiration, kimberly has always sung the praises of this product (which is why i finally decided to try it!), and shares some great tips here, and here.