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wish*full virtual art retreat

what kind of creative adventure could you go on where you had absolutely no travel expenses to pay, no accommodations to book, and you didn’t have to pack your bags and leave your family behind?
where could you go and gather with kindred spirits from near and far, nurture and play with you inner muse, learn from and be inspired by talented artists, and get messy with paint, words, glue, photos, ideas and dreams… all in your pajamas with your favorite mug in hand?
wish*full virtual art retreat
spring 2010
april 30th to may 2nd
you are invited to join us for a one of a kind, special online event; 3 days of art, creativity, and connecting with like minded souls, right from the comfort of your own home! for an entire weekend you will be immersed in creative exploration through an exciting variety of engaging workshops brought to you by 14 amazing artists and teachers… 

mindy tsonas, madelyn mulvaney, susannah conway, hope wallace, 
lisa field elliot, christine mason miller, stacy de la rosa, penelope dullighan, 
lisa occopinti, leah piken kolidas, christine castro, jennifer lee, 
kimberly wilson, & pam garrison
your wish*full virtual art retreat weekend will include:
* a well balanced schedule of 7, two hour, online creative workshops
* a wish*full retreat tool kit and goodie bag full of great tips and treats to help you plan a fun and successful weekend
* special access to the brand new (coming this april!) wishstudio website featuring: two virtual art studios, the inspiration lounge brimming with creative resources, and even a virtual cafĂ© where you can mix, mingle and connect with other participants
* an exclusive invitation to be featured as a selling artist in our wish*full artisan trunk show, which will be hosted that weekend in the wishstudio and open to the public
* a special wish*full discount to shop online at art supplies wholesale for your workshop supply needs
wish*full schedule preview:
~ friday april, 30, 2010 ~
1pm ~ retreat welcome, mix & mingle,
last minute prep time
2pm to 4pm ~ workshop 1
4pm to 6pm ~ dinner break
6pm to 8pm ~ workshop 2
~ saturday, may 1 ~
9am to 11 am ~ workshop 3
11am to 12pm ~ lunch break
12pm to 2 pm ~ workshop 4
2pm to 3pm ~ sun salutations and afternoon tea
3pm to 5pm ~ workshop 5
6pm ~ wish*full artisan trunk show opens in the wishstudio
~ sunday, may 2 ~
10am to 12pm ~ workshop 6
12pm to 1pm ~ lunch break
1pm to 3pm ~ workshop 7
3pm to 4pm ~ wrap up and goodbyes! 
create your own perfect retreat experience…
first…choose the module that speaks to you! workshops for the retreat will be available in two different modules, each with its own unique mix of 7 creative classes. if they all sound amazing to you and you can’t decide, buy both modules (all 14 workshops) for one fantastically inspiring price!
second…choose a real-time retreat experience or enjoy the workshops at your own pace. this will be a really unique and exciting global gathering of creative souls! so wherever you are, burning your midnight oil or watching the sun rise, we will all be creating together and you can be a part of this amazing event! 
each workshop module will be presented in it’s own virtual studio and in real-time (eastern standard time) over the course of the retreat weekend. classes will be taught through an engaging mix of photographs, video, writing, and will be very hands on. all of our workshop teachers will be online during their scheduled class time, and will be cheering you on as well as there to answer any comments and questions.
workshops will remain online for the entire month and our teachers will be checking in regularly… so if you want to work through the classes at your own pace, or you have a schedule conflict and have to miss a class, or you live in a different time zone don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to fully participate and get the most out of your wish*full workshops! take a peek at our FAQ page to answer more of your questions.
finally…choose a payment option. take advantage of early registration and you will have the option to pay for your retreat in 2 easy installments. pay the initial deposit, then your balance will be due by march 31, 2010. early registration, and the two payment option, will only be available until February 15, 2010… so don’t miss out! after that you can register in-full, until the end of march. all registration payments can be made using the paypal button on our sidebar. 
wish*full retreat packages:
the wish*full virtual art retreat weekend
your choice of one retreat module
~ includes 7 online workshops ~
tool kit and goody bag, virtual retreat website access & trunk show invitation
the wish*full virtual art retreat extravaganza
retreat module (your choice), plus the additional 2nd module
~ includes all 14 online workshops ~
tool kit and goody bag, virtual retreat website access & trunk show invitation
once you register, your registration packet will be sent to you where you will choose your module(s) and get all the info on participating in the artisan trunk show!

see you at the retreat!


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