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enlightenment at whole foods

yesterday, the baby and i needed to just get out of the house. i had no pressing errands to get done, so i decided to venture to the nearest whole foods. having been forced indoors by winter for too long, i was really craving the fresh (almost outdoorsy) feel of that store. i had forgotten how delightful it is to spend an hour there wandering the isles and filling your cart with yummy goodness!

aside from getting lost, it was about a half an hour to make the trip. with my favorite podcast plugged in, the drive was quite nice... the sun was shining... the baby snoozed... all was good. the first thing i saw were these gorgeous hot pink gerber daisies. i had just bought 2 single stems for a photo shoot and it cost me $6. this beautiful bunch of ten(!) was just eight bucks.

as i perused all of the great products and filled my cart with more than just the "few things" i was going to pick up, i had a little epiphany... i need to shop here more. it's so worth the little extra time and money to come and enjoy the experience of grocery shopping (because it has to get done. every week :) while knowing i am feeding and nourishing my family with good stuff. and in the end, my grocery bill was almost exactly the same as it would have been had i gone to my regular old market! i was pleasantly shocked. this is some of what i got...

* a big bag of ground flax seed
* nut free granola (so hard to find!)
* lots of great baby foods, including these crackers that he muched throughout the store while shopping!
* a couple of new healthy teas
* organic apples
* my favorite soy pudding
* a bar of dark chocolate with crystalized ginger wrapped in a love letter (i adore this brand!)
* green laundry detergent
* rice crispy, ice cream treats
* the healthy version of this cereal (he won't even notice!)
* ready made cold buckwheat soba noodles for hubby's lunch
* sqeezy fruit in a pouch, great for the lunch box

i've added the whole foods market website to my favorites page, and will plan my meals and shopping list according to whats on sale. plus, the prices there have really come down. i think i can make it work! can't wait to head back there next week :) it's so nice to not have to dread the grocery shopping.