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much ado

well, i just finished booking a little family vacation. it will be the first one ever for all four of us... should be a fun adventure! plans to head to washington, dc in the spring to teach a workshop and meet up with some creative friends, and my son's sudden (and serious) passion for this movie inspired the idea to parlay this trip into a family getaway. so with a little flight rearranging, we will be visiting our great nation's capitol for mother's day this year! i am so very happy to be able to share my wishstudio adventures with my family.

we'll be visiting the smithsonian for sure, and will walk the mall and see all the great historic sights... my first time too! and in addition to all of that, i am hoping to get a glimps of the cherry blossoms. i know it might be a bit late, but a girl can dream :)

i'll be arriving a couple of days early to teach my class (all the scoop will be posted in the wishstudio on friday, if you're in the dc area and want to join me!), hang out at tranquil space, have some tea sipping time and couple of artist dates. it should really be a wonderful time!

look out DC... here we come!