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stormy weather

home early :: waiting for the bus today

it's a snow day today. my son is home early from school and my husband's school got cancelled completely, so we are all home cozied up for the afternoon.

it has turned out to be just a cold, gloppy rain, though i do see a few flakes starting to swirl outside my studio window as i write this. we'll see. they love to spin the drama of a crazy nor'easter around these parts!

i was able to run out early and get some errands done... pick up the baby's birth cretificate (finally), mail our valentines, drop off some paperwork to my son's principal. it feels good to get a bunch of things checked off my list today. now i'm ready to embrace a few lazy hours of making chocolate chip cookies, watching a movie, playing games, and snuggling on the couch. i love the couch.

the storms blow in and out of here, the wet and windy variety as well as the emotional ones. living on the coast you never know what kind of weather you might get. kind of like life; some days are simply glorious while others are really icky.

i'm aiming to always remember to find the glory. some days you just have to look a little harder.

**thank you all for your supportive words and your heartfelt emails. i appreciate every morsel of mama to mama goodness... i'd be lost without all of you!