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the past few days

we swam alot this weekend, played way too much mario on the wii (and had a little withdrawl this morning), ate yummy chinese food, and went to a new bead store where i found beautiful korean jade. we stayed warm in our stripy socks, made homemade chicken terriyaki, did tons of laundry which never seems to end, and made plans for a cookie decorating party with friends.

we got fresh radishes and greenbeans from the farmers market, nose drops for a tiny stuffy nose, a long overdue haircut for one handsome big brother, and successfully wheeled and dealed with a broker (car sales man-style) to become the owner of a shiny new web address.

we're getting ready for a visit from pappou, a school trip to nyc next week, a 38th birthday, and valentines day festivities followed by school vacation (yay!). we are planning for social work exams, a big first grade project on the harpy eagle, and lots of creative adventures on the horizon.

life is always brimming and full. how did i get so lucky?