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thoughts from the mall

to escape the same four walls at home, i went to the mall the other day (inspired by a conversation with the lovely miss viv). i hadn't realized how long it's been since i've done that. i also realized that i need new clothes. badly. i miss shopping just for fun, as i tend to only run to the store out of necessity and it's usually to buy the kids something. the extent of my wardrobe embellishment has been a new pair of gray yoga pants, which is what i live in.

i was really inspired by all the juicy colors and the fun and layered looks that are really 'in' right now (especially with the latest jewelery styles), and i really loved looking at all the great merchandising. there once was a time when i kept up with all of this. those were the days. i was tempted to buy a new pair of dark pink cowgirl boots, but figured that wasn't really going to help my lack of clothing. i'll have to go back soon (sans baby) and pick out a few new things.

while sitting in the store feeding the baby a bottle, i watched a woman shopping who was also pushing a stroller. a hot pink doggie stroller with requisite yappy pooch in tow. while my initial reaction was "really!?" i was surprised to find that i really admired her moxie. dressed in a tiny mini skirt, high heels and legwarmers, and pushing her accessorized dog through macy's i thought to myself, you go! i know lots of people were turning their heads and staring unabashedly, and judging her (as i initially did), but a little voice inside of me wanted to pipe up in her defence and say, "hey no snickering. i think she's fabulous!". that kind of confidance and take-me-as-i-am self assurance is truly admirable, even in poor taste. but who am i to say... some days i wear spitup and a ponytail and call that an ensamble.

yes, it's time for me to shop and buy a few brave and pretty things!