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a letter to my guardian art angel

postcard from katy {from suzanne's swap} dear frida, someone recently told me that you are my guardian art angel, since you literally have been showing up on my doorstep and in my life over and over these days... how blessed am i? so i am writing you this letter in hopes that you might help me whisper these words to the universe and humbly shine upon me a bit of your great inspiration and strength. on the verge of some very big art dreams coming to life, all is very quiet and still today. while i am grateful for the calm as i busy with my work, small inklings of doubt and worry have settled into the cracks. do you know this feeling? i know it is the pangs of growing, and i know it means i am on the right path, but it is also a little unsettling too. so i want to take a moment to send out to you and to this wide universe huge armloads of gratitude for all the blessing in my life. i want to sprinkle them across the sky like stars, because gratitude always quells the fear. i p

poetry museum: ode to wings

my son was asked to bring something into school today from nature to add to a "poetry museum" that the kids are creating in class... a display of beautiful natural objects that will inspire them to wax poetic! i love this idea, and i love imagining all the lovely little treasures that made their way into the classroom, and in turn all the lovely little poems that will be crafted because of them. he brought in a little stash of butterfly wings i had saved up in my studio. we collected them a few years back out in the bird sanctuary one afternoon while exploring. we learned that after the monarchs have hatched, the birds delightfully dine on them but leave behind the wings. little black and gold wings were strewn all around the ground, so i collected them like tiny treasures to use in my art. while some have found their way into paintings and others onto cards or other projects, i was happy to send along the last of these to inspire little budding poets. seemed perfectly fit

things to share

* i signed my first autograph :) made me feel like a rock star even if it was for a sweet friend! * the baby is almost signing (he's done it a few times!) and knows "more" and "eat" and "all done". what else do you need? big brother signed his first word around this age too, "milk" and came to know about 50 words by 18 months! once he started talking all bets were off, but it's so great to see his interest re-emerge for his little brother. it's incredible to be able to communitcate with tiny little people in this way. language and words fascinate me. i still sign "potty" and "please" and "thank you" and even "no" as silent reminders every now and then. works so well across a crowded room. * i'm going to the inaugural creative connections event in minneapolis next fall to meet up with fabulous creative women, take inspiring art classes, and attend great panel discussions to help me grow m

wishmamas: inside my garden

my lifeforce is deeply rooted here in the garden of creativity and motherhood. it is a beautifully tangled and magical place where my days are spent elbow deep, getting messy in it all… the planting of seeds, the nurturing of life, the change of seasons, the storms that pass, the dreams that wither and die only to be reborn into new ones. the wonder of it all, big and small… my creativity, and really the whole of my being, has been redefined with the birth of both my children. together, those forces have shifted the course of my life in amazingly beautiful and unexpected ways. in the beginning, dreaming about motherhood was like dreaming to go to paris… full of excitement and certain life-long hopes and expectations. though my experience of motherhood ended up being very different. it was like awakening very slowly from that long awaited dream and realizing i was not even near paris, i was someplace else. for quite some time i didn’t even know where i was, and i felt extremely confuse

in the garden of motherhood and creativity

i have finally written and shared my wishmamas story over in the wishstudio . it has taken me a long time (a lot longer than i expected) to be able to open up and share this, as it is a very tender place for me to go. i think i began hosting the series last spring to help me find my own brave mama voice. thank you all for shedding light on your own stories, so that i could embrace and share mine.

history repeating

i believe that certain things, important things, keep showing up in your life until you get them right. these are the things that materialize as struggle and resistance, but at the same time are so familiar like an old and nagging ache. they are familiar because you've had a go at them many times before, and you didn't make the progress that you needed to to move on. so once again, the issue presents itself with an uncomfortable urgency saying... "here's another chance!". we all have these recurring themes. they are big chunks of emotional work that i think we are meant to accomplish in our lives, and without digging deep enough we fall short. falling short may not mean that your life is failing, but i think not addressing these issues seriously inhibits your ability to be authentically and deeply happy. i think with any deep seeded emotional work, it's not ever easy or clear what the answers are or even what direction to go in to begin. i think there are t

veggie tales (day 5)

yummy spring salad: spring mix and baby spinach 1/2 apple, sliced thin blue cheese crumbles cashews orzo your favorite dressing it's been a fairly easy transition to a meat free lifestyle. much easier than i thought it would be. to eat with intention has been an interesting shift. it feels different than to diet. less constrained and certainly more empowering. it has felt good to honor myself in this way, and i've actually enjoyed staying off the meat. i've noticed some subtle shifts. i'm more sensitive to the coffee i drink. i can feel cravings for good things like water and spinach. i'm not focused on what i want to eat and only think about it when i am hungry. i can feel when i'm full and feel less desiring of comfort from eating and filling up with food. i'm feeling full from other things in my life :) tomorrow i planned to start my cleanse, but i forgot i will be away at a food filled event most the day. so i have decided to not stress myselft about

everywhere signs of spring

hooray for spring-like days! the shifting, clear and yellow light, the opening of doors and windows, lots of chattering birds in the morning, gentle light in the evening, tiny buds on the trees filled with promises, afternoons at the park and a first time on the swing, hours spent turning over rocks in search of little crawly things, time to warm a mama's bones in the sun... it couldn't have come soon enough!

personal faith: notes from the past few days

you can not have... ~ fear without passion ~ darkness without light ~ sorrow without knowing joy ~ disappointment without fulfillment ~ need without desire ~ wanting without hope ~ pain without growth ~ challenges without vision ~ loss without having ~ death without life ~ life without love

dreaming of sunny skies + veggie tales (day 1)

it's been raining nonstop here since friday. there are pots and buckets strategically place throughout my house to catch all the leaks that have sprung up. my son was completely soaked walking to the bus this morning so i ended up (drying his coat, clothes, and tears) and driving him to school. there was a health scare in the family this weekend, and a close family friend sadly passed away, so there are those dark clouds too. in addition, my email crashed and i lost all my correspondence from the past week, so i am still bailing out from that as well... i am in desperate need of some sunshine! i'd settle simply for a dry day. you know, the kind where i can sit on my couch and not get dripped on. spring, where are you? i've been feeling really weighted down and out of balance lately, in my body and in my soul. just heavy and yucky, nothing really serious as life has mostly been good and full. maybe too full. so inspired by my daring friend , i've decided to go veggie

this wish filled life

i've been working like crazy to get ready for the launch of the new wishstudio website ... i am so excited to become my own dot com, but it's been taking a huge amount of work and i am so grateful to have christine and brianna heading up this project for me. there have been photo shoots and tons of writing, branding to think about, and putting together all the big and small parts that will eventually make up the wishstudio world. it's super exciting and a little terrifying. definately exhausting as i have been eat, sleeping and dreaming wishstudio :) so many connections and collaborations are being made behind the scenes, with amazing artists who will be bringing their workshops to the studio, their voices to the blog , and their stories and inspiration to the pages of our new virtual home. there is so much to come and i am bursting to share it all with you! it's almost time. in the meantime, check out these phenominal, soul-filling projects (that have been all the

balance and harmony

i'm looking to find the balance between all of these things... working and creating, parenting and playing, exercise and rest, passion and obsession, togetherness and alone time, desires and needs, screen time and real time, feeding and indulging, big brother and little brother, self care and family care, present and future, becoming and being, listening and speaking, learning and knowing... it's all a constant juggling act, and maybe it's more about harmony than balance; having all the areas in your life coexist happily together in whatever way works best for you. there is no perfect formula, and i have to remember this. i have to heed my own words and simply try my best.

art saves

jenny doh has created an amazing creative community where many diverse artful voices share passionate narratives and so much inspiration. i'm so lucky to be a guest curator over at crescendoh this week. stop by and read my Art Saves story , and in addition each day i'll be sharing links to lots of fun creative things! while you're there, give a shout to jenny for being such a creative rock star, and check out all the other wonderful stories and links by all the other inspiring contributors. every day you'll find something fresh and new. i know i'll be visiting daily. enjoy!

on my nightstand

lots of yummy reads stacked by the bed these days... (in part thanks to the many fabulous authors in my orbit :) i love savoring the goodness in little bits, reading a little here and a little there. by 8pm i'm usually so exhausted, that's about all i can muster. i haven't been reading all that much fiction lately, though i am enjoying knit two as it's perfectly girly and light for a tired mom at bedtime. once i'm done with that i plan to dive into alice in wonderland as i have never actually read the original book and i am so excited to see the visual feast that the upcoming movie promises to be! i've also been perusing lots of magazines. i've always found so much inspiration in my favorites, and i love that i can cut them up and use them in projects when i'm done. so here's what's in my stack... alice in wonderland ~ the classic by lewis carroll tranquilista ~ kimberly wilson's new lifestyle book the seed handbook, the feminine way to

be your brand

i came across this phrase… be your brand… recently and ever since i’ve been thinking a lot about it. as branding is such an important aspect of running a successful business, it also speaks to living an authentic life. it is knowing and embracing who your are and how you want to show up in the world as well as in your life. it means capturing and expressing this essence on the inside and out. it is owning and sharing your talents and gifts, because those are the things that no one else can offer the world. there is only one You. as i move forward into this next phase of the wishstudio, i know how important it is to find the right image for my brand. what i am finding is that the image i want to attach to my business is directly connected to what values and ideals i think are important to my own life. i know there would be a huge disconnect if i was expressing one thing here, but doing something different in my day to day life. this is exactly why one day i deleted 2 and a half years of

realities and blessings

our neighbor's house surrounded by the sea i was really inspired by this post by maegan , so i wanted to share my own "because things aren't always wonderful here but at the same time...they are." i couldn't have said it better myself and i love the notion of always finding that silver lining. reality: there has been tons of clouds and rain here lately which means flooding as well as being forced indoors for more days than i can count by now. i think we are all getting a little stir crazy. blessing: there's been movie watching, book reading, projects to work on, and loads of hot coffee and tea to drink. reality: my trip to the market yesterday was hampered by an unexpected (and very long) traffic detour, and then my exhaust blowing out on the highway. blessing: i got to meet up with one of my favorite moms who always fills me with inspiration and love, and not to mention the best handmade goodies. reality: there have been frustrating days where i feel like

my son and moon

big brother is sucessfully halfway through the first grade. he is a wiz at math and is going on his very first field trip to a maple sugar farm later this week. his newest fascination is with percy jackson and greek mythology and sword fighting. his two best friends at school are both girls, one of which he plans to marry :) he is still one of the tallest and one of the youngest in his class. he's getting ready for another season of tball and another round of swim class. his foot is now a size and a half away from mine. he is on a new ed plan that allows him to use a timer, earn stickers and go for walks. he's loving garfield and pokemon and the misadventures of flapjack. he's got huge love in his heart, an unbelievable imagination, and an amazing adventurous spirit. he is fiery and passionate and constant, and always the finder of hidden gems. he is the sun of my universe. little brother is just about to turn 8 months. he has found his toes and his voice! dadadada i