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a letter to my guardian art angel

postcard from katy {from suzanne's swap}

dear frida,

someone recently told me that you are my guardian art angel, since you literally have been showing up on my doorstep and in my life over and over these days... how blessed am i? so i am writing you this letter in hopes that you might help me whisper these words to the universe and humbly shine upon me a bit of your great inspiration and strength.

on the verge of some very big art dreams coming to life, all is very quiet and still today. while i am grateful for the calm as i busy with my work, small inklings of doubt and worry have settled into the cracks. do you know this feeling? i know it is the pangs of growing, and i know it means i am on the right path, but it is also a little unsettling too.

so i want to take a moment to send out to you and to this wide universe huge armloads of gratitude for all the blessing in my life. i want to sprinkle them across the sky like stars, because gratitude always quells the fear. i promise to always be grounded in this. to feel grace and have faith in it all, even when i'm afraid and unsure. because i also feel purpose and fire, and i am so grateful for that.

thank you for for your beautiful wisdom as i don my wings and prepare to take flight.

love (deep breaths) and gratitude, mindy

"feet, what do i need you for when i have wings to fly?"