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dreaming of sunny skies + veggie tales (day 1)

it's been raining nonstop here since friday. there are pots and buckets strategically place throughout my house to catch all the leaks that have sprung up. my son was completely soaked walking to the bus this morning so i ended up (drying his coat, clothes, and tears) and driving him to school. there was a health scare in the family this weekend, and a close family friend sadly passed away, so there are those dark clouds too. in addition, my email crashed and i lost all my correspondence from the past week, so i am still bailing out from that as well...

i am in desperate need of some sunshine!

i'd settle simply for a dry day. you know, the kind where i can sit on my couch and not get dripped on.

spring, where are you?

i've been feeling really weighted down and out of balance lately, in my body and in my soul. just heavy and yucky, nothing really serious as life has mostly been good and full. maybe too full. so inspired by my daring friend, i've decided to go veggiejust for a while, til i feel a little clearer. maybe it will be the catalyst for the lightening that i'm craviing. i think clearing out is a great way to create space and is an open invitation for different and new energy to come in.

my plan is to go 16 days, til the end of march... the frst 5 days i'm going to simply focus on not eating meat and not worry too much about what it ia i am eating, like the two mini peanutbutter cups i just had - milk, eggs and fish will be fair game. though i will try to not go overboard with junky stuff, and i've promised myself to eat breakfast every morning. i'm a girl who loves and appreciates a great steak and would rather eat a perfect burger than a piece of cake, so this is huge for me!

the next 6 days i will pare down dramtically what i am eating to give my body a much needed rest and a little cleanse. i'll let you know my plan for this when the time comes.

the last 5 days i will slowly add foods back in. i'll pay attention to what i consume, focusing on the quality of my diet and really pay attention to how i feel with everything i eat. i'm hoping to try some new things too, a little puerh, some kale, and some new tofu recipes (got any good ones?).

i will keep you updated here with how it's going. this should help me with my resolve and accountability. i'll need every little bit i think :) wanna join me? it'll be an adventure for sure!