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my son and moon

big brother is sucessfully halfway through the first grade. he is a wiz at math and is going on his very first field trip to a maple sugar farm later this week. his newest fascination is with percy jackson and greek mythology and sword fighting. his two best friends at school are both girls, one of which he plans to marry :) he is still one of the tallest and one of the youngest in his class. he's getting ready for another season of tball and another round of swim class. his foot is now a size and a half away from mine. he is on a new ed plan that allows him to use a timer, earn stickers and go for walks. he's loving garfield and pokemon and the misadventures of flapjack. he's got huge love in his heart, an unbelievable imagination, and an amazing adventurous spirit. he is fiery and passionate and constant, and always the finder of hidden gems. he is the sun of my universe.

little brother is just about to turn 8 months. he has found his toes and his voice! dadadada is his favorite word. he is reaching and grabbing and playing peek-a-boo. he always belly laughs at his big brother. he's feeding himself crackers and says "mmmm" when he eats. he still sucks his thumb which (for now) is so cute. he is teethimg and drooly and can sit up on his own for a bit. he is happy and determined and has his own way about things already. he is so sweet and open and curious, and very easily sated. he slows life down so we can stop and savor. he is the moon in my sky.