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poetry museum: ode to wings

my son was asked to bring something into school today from nature to add to a "poetry museum" that the kids are creating in class... a display of beautiful natural objects that will inspire them to wax poetic! i love this idea, and i love imagining all the lovely little treasures that made their way into the classroom, and in turn all the lovely little poems that will be crafted because of them.

he brought in a little stash of butterfly wings i had saved up in my studio. we collected them a few years back out in the bird sanctuary one afternoon while exploring. we learned that after the monarchs have hatched, the birds delightfully dine on them but leave behind the wings. little black and gold wings were strewn all around the ground, so i collected them like tiny treasures to use in my art. while some have found their way into paintings and others onto cards or other projects, i was happy to send along the last of these to inspire little budding poets.

seemed perfectly fitting (and poetic) to send my little boy in with wings!

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