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realities and blessings

our neighbor's house surrounded by the sea

i was really inspired by this post by maegan, so i wanted to share my own "because things aren't always wonderful here but at the same time...they are." i couldn't have said it better myself and i love the notion of always finding that silver lining.

reality: there has been tons of clouds and rain here lately which means flooding as well as being forced indoors for more days than i can count by now. i think we are all getting a little stir crazy.
blessing: there's been movie watching, book reading, projects to work on, and loads of hot coffee and tea to drink.

reality: my trip to the market yesterday was hampered by an unexpected (and very long) traffic detour, and then my exhaust blowing out on the highway.
blessing: i got to meet up with one of my favorite moms who always fills me with inspiration and love, and not to mention the best handmade goodies.

reality: there have been frustrating days where i feel like just packing up my bags and abandoning motherhood. sometimes i just feel completely overwhelmed and in over my head.
blessing: i know that most days the drama of it all is just that, and i would never choose another life. ever. i see my children both becoming beautiful little people and i am so proud of them every single day.

reality: my work over in the wishstudio has been really, really busy. things are happening, growing and becoming... but it all takes a tremendous amount of time and energy which also requires a lot of juggling for everyone under this roof, which isn't always easy.
blessing: i can see the big picture now as it is emerging right before my eyes. this work is so fullfilling and joy-filled and i know it has the potential to sustain me (and my family some day). so many wonderful opportunities are being layed at my feet. having found work that is also my passion is huge.

reality: i'm getting older... i wouldn't say i'm old, but i definately see wrinkles and feel a little creek in my bones some mornings :) the superficial aspects of aging don't really worry me all that mich, but taking care of my health is a big concern.
blessings: with age comes wisdom and i'm starting to get a taste of that. i appreciate having lived these 38 years which have all brought me to this very moment. i feel an acceptance and a comfort about who i am that i did not have ten years ago. it feels cozy and safe and good.

reality: my husband and i have been passing like ships in the night lately. we are tag team parenting, taking shifts to get everything done and give one another a break when needed. it's not ideal but sometimes necessary, and i miss him.
blessing: sometimes it is a fine dance and other days it is just a force of circumstance, but i appreciate that we can be there for each other even if that means being seperate.

hope that your realities are full of blessings too... i know they are :)