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things to share

* i signed my first autograph :) made me feel like a rock star even if it was for a sweet friend!

* the baby is almost signing (he's done it a few times!) and knows "more" and "eat" and "all done". what else do you need? big brother signed his first word around this age too, "milk" and came to know about 50 words by 18 months! once he started talking all bets were off, but it's so great to see his interest re-emerge for his little brother. it's incredible to be able to communitcate with tiny little people in this way. language and words fascinate me. i still sign "potty" and "please" and "thank you" and even "no" as silent reminders every now and then. works so well across a crowded room.

* i'm going to the inaugural creative connections event in minneapolis next fall to meet up with fabulous creative women, take inspiring art classes, and attend great panel discussions to help me grow my creative business. it's going to be a wonderful experience! i can't wait and totally think you should go too. i'd love to meet you there :)

* it's day 12 of my forray into veggiedom. it's been an interesting journey for sure (with a small cheat yesterday - a bite of my husbands reuben). i've got 5 days left, then i'll decide what changes i am going to stick with.

* hubby and big brother are off tomorrow on a weekend road trip to new york to visit some friends (and their yummy chocolate shop. my son has visions of willy wonka ;) so it will be just me and the baby hanging out here snuggling and work, work, working away. so much to do!

* i am putting together an interview for erin and kristin of the manic mommiespodcast. it's going to be a fun spin on their show where they will be the guests, and i will be their guest host (how did i get so lucky?). i'm so excited to ask all the questions i've wanted to know over the past few years as a listener... how do they do it all? stay tuned. i'll have a portion of this interview in the wishstudio with a link to the actual podcast when it airs. check out real simple's blog, where they are contributors as well. see what i mean?

* this sweet little mention about the wishstudio, that made my heart swell :)