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this wish filled life

i've been working like crazy to get ready for the launch of the new wishstudio website... i am so excited to become my own dot com, but it's been taking a huge amount of work and i am so grateful to have christine and brianna heading up this project for me. there have been photo shoots and tons of writing, branding to think about, and putting together all the big and small parts that will eventually make up the wishstudio world. it's super exciting and a little terrifying. definately exhausting as i have been eat, sleeping and dreaming wishstudio :)

so many connections and collaborations are being made behind the scenes, with amazing artists who will be bringing their workshops to the studio, their voices to the blog, and their stories and inspiration to the pages of our new virtual home.

there is so much to come and i am bursting to share it all with you!

it's almost time.

in the meantime, check out these phenominal, soul-filling projects (that have been all the buzz this week :) the always inspiring brene brown's week of worthiness and her brand new dvd. and also the i am enough collaborative with photog and mama extraordinaire, tracey clark.